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ClearOPS, Inc. Privacy Statement

ClearOPS supports privacy by default. This Privacy Statement describes the actions we (“ClearOPS” or “we” or “us” or “our”) take as a business to use your private information and protect your privacy. This Privacy Statement applies to submissions of your information to us through the website as well as when you use our services.   We are NOT self-certified on the Privacy Shield list.   We DO NOT publish a separate GDPR notice. We DO host our own email, so if you send us an email, it is not also accessible by a third party provider on our side. We DO have a valid SSL certificate for our website, so that any information you send from the website to us is encrypted in transmission. Check out our rating (note, this link is to a third party) We DID use a third party, called Clearops, to create this website, but we downloaded the files and are serving them to you from our own infrastructure. We know their code does link back to third party providers for things like fonts and display for this website.    

What we collect. When you visit the website, we use a service called Webalizer that collects certain information about you, such as your IP address and the requests you made to our website. If you fill out a form on our website and the form requests your identifiable information and then you press submit, we are collecting that information. If you upload a questionnaire, policies, or other documents to our services, then we collect and store the information contained within those documents and we also analyze them for improvements and enhancements to our services. If you use our tools to respond to questions in documents uploaded to our services, then we collect and store that information and also analyze it for improvements and enhancements to our services.    

Cookies. Cookies are small text files (broader description below). We don’t use cookies by default on our The purpose of cookies is to make your web browsing a little easier, remember things in your cart, your sign in session, your “uniqueness,” stuff like that. We don’t really care about tracking you like that because we don’t have a cart and we consider every time you visit the site a reason to celebrate. As mentioned before, we use Webalizer for our website traffic and they do not use cookies or flash to give us the metrics we need to determine how well our website is generating traffic or views.   However, if you visit our site or our site, then you may experience cookies for purposes of keeping you logged in. We automatically log you off after a period of time (an hour for https://app.clearops,io/ and longer for, so that during that period of time you do not have to re-enter your login and password. This function is enabled through the use of cookies and these cookies are strictly necessary for you to be able to use the services. For this reason, we have not placed an annoying cookie banner on our website since we do not use unnecessary cookies. Most web browsers allow you to see the cookies by clicking the little icon to the left of the website address. If you see Cognito, that is the authentication service we use provided by AWS.   “COOKIES” are small pieces of information that a website sends to your computer’s hard drive while you are viewing a website. There are both session cookies (which expire once you close your web browser) and persistent cookies (which stay on your computer until you delete them).    

Why we collect your personal data. We collect your personal data to sell or provide our services to you. If you fill out and then send us a filled out web form, we use the data you provide to contact you to sell you our services or for whatever purpose you filled out the form. If you send us a login and password to access our application, then we collect that information to authenticate your access. We may need to use your personal data for other access and authentication, such as other dashboards and services we may provide in the future. If you are a business and you are concerned about the data we store on your behalf, you may request our deletion of such data at any time (although deleting questionnaire responses may result in poor functioning of the service).    

How we use your personal data. We sort of answered this in the prior section, but just to confirm, we use your personal data to deliver the services to you or to communicate with you or to try to sell you our services (which is part of communicating, but we want to make sure you get the point). If you want to opt out, you always have that right. We believe in the right of opt in, so if you somehow were contacted by us and you did not opt in, please let us know because that is a serious issue for us @   

Who we share your personal data with and why. We do use service providers, such as AWS, so they have access to your data and you can read all about their security on their website. We use other service providers to help us with the operation of the business. Most importantly, we use Stripe for accounts receivable and so if you are a customer, your invoice information will be contained within our Stripe account. You also have the option to link your payment method to Stripe. Since we are not PCI compliant, we rely on Stripe for all payment data. If we take you out to dinner, your name may also appear in our accounting software as part of the receipt. We also use LinkedIn for sales prospecting. Eventually, we may use other tools and we intend to update this statement when we do.   We do comply with law and any valid legal requests, such as subpoenas etc. We will seek to contact you first if the subpoena or other legal request pertains to your personal data and we will also seek to limit the scope of any response. If we are unable to reach you by the deadline, then we may share your personal data without your knowledge. We are sorry about that, but you just need to check your email or listen to your voicemails or respond to the LinkedIn connection or whatever other method of contact we have for you. We may also disclose your personal information if we believe it is appropriate in connection with efforts to investigate, prevent, or take other action regarding illegal activity, suspected fraud or other wrongdoing; to protect and defend the rights, property or safety of ClearOPS our customers, users, employees, or others.   We reserve the right to sell the company. In that case, we may sell, transfer or otherwise share some or all of our assets, including your information, whether personally identifiable or not, in connection with a merger, acquisition, reorganization or sale of assets or in the event of bankruptcy.    

Third party websites   Our website contains a link to Medium, who hosts our blogs, to CyberInsecurity News and to a podcast. If you click on those links, we cannot guarantee the safety of your personal information i.e. those sites likely use cookies and other trackers or third parties and we have no control over that.    

Retaining your information   If you are a customer, you have control over the information you provide to us and may delete it or transfer it to another provider at any time. However, we will still retain some information about you such as the original contracts between you and us, payment history, invoice history, performance metrics, emails, texts and case studies on your use of our services. We may also retain copies of your documents, questionnaires etc. in our backups until the backups are purged. Contact us at for more information or to discuss options.   

Children, International Users Our website is not targeted at children and we don’t know why any child would be interested in our website or services.   We are aware that those outside of the United States may be interested in our services. Under GDPR, we are considered a controller since the information we collect is our customer’s business information. If you do reside outside of the United States, all our databases are located in the United States.    

Changes to this Privacy Statement We are a young company and our services will be changing and, for that reason, so will this privacy statement, notice, policy. Since we are an opt in company, we will only send you emails about changes if you send us an email opting in to Otherwise, we will post changes on the website. If you want to know specifics about the changes, you may also email us at