The standard response process to a security questionnare:

Stage 1

You are working on a sale and the buyer sends you a security questionnaire via email. You have to respond to close the sale.  

Stage 2

You forward the email to legal for help. It's 300 questions long.  

Stage 3

Legal forwards the email to overworked IT or security engineers for assistance.

Stage 4

Weeks, sometimes months go by. The prospect is losing trust and the team is pointing fingers. It's an unhappy situation.


Revenues are slipping, costs are rising and no one can fully diagnose what is happening. Surely, it can't be those security questionnaires? Yes, it can and don't call me Shirley.

ClearOPS Clear Answer Management

Step 1

Upload the security questionnaire into ClearOPS. Access the answer repository, ask your colleagues questions, assign questions and deadlines. Keep track and complete it on time.

Step 2

Export the questionnaire and send it back to the prospect or customer. 

ClearOPS is our secret weapon!  

ClearOPS Service Provider Reports


All you need is a domain name.


Every query shows the result.

Shadow IT is very furstrating, especially when contracts require you to list your third-party service providers who have access to customer data.

If accounts payable doesn't catch the "free" service providers who charge you in data, SPR means no more manual tracking on spreadsheets.

The purpose of SPR is to bring efficiency to third party risk. Less time on paperwork and manual process and more time on subjective reasoning.