Our clear answer management platform is built with every type of user in mind.

Stage 1

The prospect sends the sales person a security questionnaire over email.

Stage 2

Sales person forwards the email to legal, without opening it first. Legal opens it a few days later and realizes they cannot complete it alone.

Stage 3

Legal forwards the email to overworked IT or security engineers. They immediately open it and close it again.

Stage 4

Several weeks go by and legal is blamed for holding up the deal. Legal immediately schedules a meeting with IT, security, sales and anyone else they can find to help go through the questions, quickly.


Revenues are slipping, costs are rising and no one can fully diagnose what is happening. Surely, it can't be those security questionnaires? Yes, it can and don't call me Shirley.

Let's Go Over What Our Product Does

Step 1

Upload the security questionnaire into ClearOPS. Use the search function to easily find prior useful answers. Use the notes feature to collaborate on new or amended answers.

Step 2

Export the questionnaire and send it back to the prospect or customer. 

ClearOPS is our secret weapon!  

Easy to set up, easy to use

If you have aleady completed a security questionnaire, then you have everything you need to start using our Clear Answers Management platform. Anyone with any skill level can use ClearOPS. No law degree or computer science degree required.

Pricing Plans

Contact us for a demo. Periodically, we do offer free trials.



unlimited users 
per month
per active questionnaire
10 archived questionnaires



$Contact us

for the customer who needs more


Or try our startup package. Our startup package is perfect for those on a smaller budget wanting to be proactive about security questionnaires. All you have to do is send us at least 2 prior completed security questionnaires and we will build for you 2 security documents. One is a semi custom security overview hosted on a word document and the other a common pre-filled security questionnaire hosted on an excel spreadsheet. These two documents can be sent to your prospects and customers to satisfy their due diligence inquiries about your data privacy and cybersecurity practices. 

Startup Package 

1 security overview
1 pre-filled semi custom security questionnaire
2 archived accounts
unlimited access

What makes us different?

We were built by two unlikely friends. A former general counsel who worked for tech startups and a Unix implementer living the privacy technology life. By bringing their experiences together, ClearOPS is truly unique.