The current process is broken. Is your process like this?

Stage 1

You are working on a sale and the buyer sends you a security questionnaire via email that is required to close the deal.  

Stage 2

Your sales person forwards the email to legal for help. Legal inwardly groans at the 300 questions.  

Stage 3

Legal forwards the email to overworked IT or security engineers and asks for a meeting to discuss how they are going to respond.

Stage 4

Weeks go by, holding up the deal. The security questionnaire is a hot potato and now everyone is pointing fingers. It's an unhappy situation.


Revenues are slipping, costs are rising and no one can fully diagnose what is happening. Surely, it can't be those security questionnaires? Yes, it can and don't call me Shirley.

Let's Go Over What Our Product Does

Step 1

Upload the security questionnaire into ClearOPS. Access repository of prior answers and plug them into questionnaire. Use the notes feature to collaborate internally.

Step 2

Export the questionnaire and send it back to the prospect or customer. 

ClearOPS is our secret weapon!  

Or try our startup package. Our startup package is perfect for those on a smaller budget wanting to be proactive about vendor assessments. All you have to do is send us at least 2 prior completed security questionnaires and we will build a semi custom security overview hosted on a word document and a common pre-filled security questionnaire hosted on an excel spreadsheet. These two documents can be sent to your prospects and customers to satisfy any of their due diligence inquiries about your data privacy and cybersecurity practices.