Looking for easier vendor management?

Most risk professionals conduct due diligence on vendors using public data, such as visiting websites and conducting research. Isn't it time someone built that as a repeatable system? With ClearOPS SPR, take a comprehensive risk management approach to compliance.

The Problem with Current Vendor Management Processes The Team Owner How SPR Solves the Problem
You use an excel spreadsheet to track all vendors. Employees are responsible to keep it current. How is that working out for you? Risk, Legal, Procurement, Compliance With unlimited users, anyone can log in and add a domain.
You always conduct a public search on a new vendor, but you repeat the process each time without automating it for scale. Risk, Information Security, Legal, Compliance SPR is an automated, scalable system.
You created your own security questionnaire that took you months. Unfortunately, by the time vendors respond, security has advanced.  Information Security, Procurement, Legal We develop new data streams on a regular basis, staying up to date with cybersecurity trends and privacy. 
You bought a tool to help manage your vendors and your still waiting for the dev resources to implement it. Information Security, Risk We don't require any time from your dev team.
Your desk is piling up with completed security questionnaires and unreasonable deadlines. Information Security, Legal, Procurement SPR reduces the number of questions you have to ask (and answers to review).
GDPR, CCPA requires you to keep track of service providers/ processors and have rights to audit them. Legal, Privacy Our reports are updated weekly so you can see what vendors are doing pre and post signing.
You hired someone to conduct vendor due dilience, and if they left, all the knowledge would leave with them. Legal, Information Security, Risk SPR stores all the data so there is no risk of a single source of failure.

"ClearOps makes the compliance process clear and organized, allows my team to focus on our implementation."

- Systems Engineer
Time Savings

ClearOPS SPR automatically collects data on your vendors on a weekly basis and can generate a new report on any vendor in as little as 5 minutes.

Audit Ready

With your subscription, we track, monitor, and organize your vendors, making you audit-ready or audit-compliant. 

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