Make Your Enterprise Customer Security Reviews Painless

ClearOPS privacy and security knowledge management frees employees from the complexities of siloed information, enabling them to find the answers they need with the automation of A.I.

Automated Security Questionnaire response

Vendor Due Diligence

Why adopt a privacy & security knowledge management system? Because it increases revenues by improving your...
System of

Third Party Risk   Monitoring

Don't spend hours searching for information about your vendors' privacy and cybersecurity health.

ClearOPS collects focused public data about each vendor's privacy and security operations and generates a report. Easily search for current or prospective vendors.

Empower employees to choose compliant vendors from the start of the due diligence process.

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Cyber Security Questionnaires

Cyber security questionnaires are time-consuming and costly.

Using the ClearOPS knowledge management system, you use the power of A.I. to pre-populate questionnaires with your own answers, freeing up employees who need to focus on implementing security.

Every assessment costs you $1000s.

At 4 minutes per answer, every cyber security questionnaire is eating into your contract value, not to mention employee morale.
An old fashioned alarm clock.Time and money wasted on security questionnaires

Why manage your organization's privacy
and cybersecurity knowledge?

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Customer's conduct security reviews on your solution to be in compliance with data security regulations but these reviews are time consuming.
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Employees leave, taking their knowledge and skills with them. To make the next person successful, they need the knowledge of their predecessor in an easily searchable database.
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Most security reviews ask the same questions but in slightly different ways requiring the expertise of senior management, which is expensive.
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ClearOPS uses your workflow. From sales to risk and compliance teams and back again, ClearOPS streamlines your internal response processes and breaks siloes.

"Our security engineer went from spending 80% of his time to less than 40% of his time on them, and this number keeps shrinking as the ClearOPS platform becomes more intelligent and efficient."

Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel
A global education technology company serving more than 1700 institutions

What's the ROI?

At an average 4 minutes per answer and 300 questions per questionnaire, your employees spend 10-15 hours of time on just one questionnaire.
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