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Security Questionnaires: Answered



As the world adopts more stringent privacy and security standards and regulations, small businesses that sell to the enterprise are finding themselves lost in a sea of paperwork.


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No one has determined how to make security questionnaires and other privacy or security assessments streamlined and simple. The challenge for many small businesses is that they do not have enough resources to respond quickly, which delays revenue. We specialize in security questionnaires for small business sellers.



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You need ClearOPS if:

  • you sell to businesses

  • security questionnaires are the hot potato in your office with no one owner

What ClearOPS does for you:

  • faster completion of security questionnaires using automation + services

  • services provided by privacy & security professionals

  • record keeping, for archival purposes as well as cross-referencing

  • collaboration in a shared workspace

  • auditing response reports

  • an end to end vendor risk assessment program for your own vendors



Small Businesses


GDPR, CCPA, NIST are regulations that are slowing down your sales velocity. No one in your office can answer a security questionnaire by themselves. We help you answer your prospects questions so you can close the sale as well as supply you with your own easy to implement vendor management process.


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You know your organization needs to "take security seriously" in order to be successful but you can't afford an in house security professional or privacy professional. At this stage, you outsource as much as possible. We give you the tools to actually see what your organization is doing and take the burden of organizing and answering security questionnaires at a price you can afford.



IT Professionals


Information Security or Information Technology team of 1? You have so much on your plate that responding to security questionnaires or putting in place a vendor management or risk assessment program keeps dropping to the bottom of the pile. We make it easier to answer those questionnaires and create your own end to end vendor management process.


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