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GenAI for Assessments and Questionnaires

Vendor Management Made Simple


"I hate security questionnaires!" If you have ever said this, then we exist for you.

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People are the most important asset in any organization's cybersecurity program. ClearOPS technology supports collaboration and removes friction.

Include everyone
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Processes are the systems and procedures that an organization has in place to protect its data and systems. vCISOs are experts at building security processes.

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Want to give it a try?

We built a custom GPT available through OpenAI so you can assess your vendors use of AI

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The Same Question Over and Over?

Use GenAI to understand when questions are similar and to analyze responses.

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1. Easy Import

Upload any assessment or create your own.

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2. Your Sources

Leverage your private library for accuracy.

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3. Your Answers

Pre-populate your responses based on your sources.

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4. Your Vendors

Forget mapping. Analyze vendor responses against regulations using AI.

Bring everyone together

Remove Tedium

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Answer questionnaires using your sources
Keep you answers consistent
Maintain a system of record with your customers
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Engage Vendors

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Create a vendor profile to share documents
Analyze their responses against their sources
Streamline your process of communication internally and extenally
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Drive Value

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Collaborate cross functionally
Support revenue generation
Reduce third party risk
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Execute Priorities

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Spend less time on questionnaires
Spend more time on quality tasks
Proudly state you are using responsible AI
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Retrieval-Augmented Generation

With RAG, you gain accuracy in addition to the efficiency of LLMs. Let us show you how powerful this technology can make you in your cyber risk management.

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What our customers say about ClearOPS

Thank you for making the security questionnaire response process so much easier and even a little bit fun! Building a knowledge base of all our GRC information has been a huge help.”

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VP of Operations

I recently attended a session on vendor management and the speaker recommended conducting due diligence on your vendors every 6 months! I couldn't believe it was possible, until ClearOPS showed us we could do it every week.”


WIth other GRC platforms, you are locked in to one standard or their controls. With ClearOPS all the time I spent on my own custom gap analysis with customer controls was not wasted. I easily imported it to use across all my clients!”

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I thought I had to spend thousands of dollars on tools that promised dark web monitoring or security scoring. When I discovered ClearOPS does public data monitoring at a price point I could afford, I was like, "sign me up!”

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They say they are not a GRC tool but I think ClearOPS is the most practical tool on the market for vCISOs who really want technology to help them scale.”