ClearOPS Mission: Bridge the Privacy and Security Gap

It isn't compliance. It isn't infosec. It's community.

Our Story

In 2015, George and Caroline, the co-founders of ClearOPS, met for the first time. They talked a lot about privacy and security. The common theme was that these two departments need to get on the same page. It is why our mission at ClearOPS, Inc. is to "bridge the gap."

Recently, Cisco released its Data Privacy Benchmark Study and one of the questions they asked security professionals was to define their top 3 areas of responsibility. Data privacy and governance was selected the most often.

The overlap between privacy and security responsibilities will continue to grow. Vendor risk management is an example of a task that both departments need to complete. Without proper collaboration and tools to share information, silos will break businesses. As the report concludes, investing in privacy delivers significant business value.

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Get To Know The Team

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Caroline McCaffery

Ceo & founder
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"I am a woman, a lawyer, an entrepreneur and a privacy and security expert in the technology field. My career is all about glass ceilings."

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George Rosamond

founder, cTo
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"I never met a repetitive, laborious task that I didn't want to automate."

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Head of spr
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"I'm a professional hacker who builds data gathering systems that foster transparency."


Aqsa Sheikh

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"I research and write programs that understand why questions are asked and how the answers relate."


Richanshu Jha

full stack developer
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