ClearOPS Mission: Bridge the Privacy and Security Gap

The community we build is important because we trust people, not technology. Bridging gaps in communication between people is the first step towards trust.

Our Story

In 2015, George and Caroline, the co-founders of ClearOPS, met for the first time. They found a common interest to "bridge the gap" between policy and tech.

Many coffees later, they decided to start ClearOPS, which stands for Clear Operational Privacy and Security.

In our wildest dreams, we never thought we could work with a team as talented as the people who agreed to join us on this mission. We are grateful for their time and the experience we are having building a company together.

SMEs since the year
before big data was big
We have analyzed over
questions and answers
We have collected over
data points in our search engine
We are committed to

Get To Know The Team

CEO Headshot

Caroline McCaffery

Ceo & founder
she/ her

"I enjoy strategy and collectively figuring out how to solve hard problems."

CTO Headshot

George Rosamond

founder, cTo
he/ him

"I never met a repetitive, laborious task that I didn't want to automate."

ClearOPS logo


Head of spr
he/ him

"I'm a professional hacker who builds data gathering systems that foster transparency."


Aqsa Sheikh

she/ her

"I research and write programs that understand why questions are asked and how the answers relate."


Richanshu Jha

full stack developer
he/ him

"I write the code that implements ideas, creates new systems and integrates everything together."

What's the ROI?

If you read our blog post on The Cost of Security Theater, you may be wondering how much you are spending on security reviews every year. We put together a quick ROI for you (links to an Airtable form).
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