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In 2015, Caroline had spent 15 years representing tech companies as a startup lawyer. Over and over again, she implemented privacy programs.

That same year, George was contemplating his own move from helping businesses with their networks and infrastructure to joining a large enterprise as their CISO.

When the two got to talking about the state of data protection, they commiserated about how privacy and security are organizationally separated. Over the years, they had many ideas about how to improve data protection and ClearOPS is the result of the best of those ideas.

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Get To Know The Team

Caroline McCaffery

Ceo & founder

"I am an entrepreneurial lawyer. With 20 years working for technology startups, I believe technology can solve problems."

George Rosamond

founder, cTo

"I never met a repetitive, laborious task that I didn't want to automate."


Head of spr

"I'm a professional hacker who builds data gathering systems that foster transparency."

Elli Park

full-stack developer

"I'm a developer who appreciates well-designed user experiences"

Gabriel Amoako

Business development

"I'm all about building relationships that build trust."

Aqsa Sheikh


"I research and write programs that understand why questions are asked and how the answers relate."

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