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Special pricing for vendors with less than $2M ARR

For those who want to do it themselves, our QaaS Self-Service plan starts at $1000/ month for 5 questionnaires and then only $150 per questionnaire/ month after that. Or Pay-as-you-go:

$199 per security questionnaire
$199 per privacy assessment
a checkmark
$99 per policy template
a checkmark
Implementation assistance
importing or exporting
Professional Advice
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SPR Pricing


The ClearOPS vendor management solution is offered on a monthly subscription basis only. Our first tier is 1-49 vendors under management for $300/ month. Contact us for more tiers.

Unlimited users
Custom risk categorization
Automated reports
Full onboarding support
Data mapping
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Our features

"Our security engineer went from spending 80% of his time to less than 40% of his time on them, and this number keeps shrinking as the ClearOPS platform becomes more intelligent and efficient."

Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel
A global education technology company serving more than 1700 institutions
Question 1

What do you mean by vendors under management?

Vendor management is hard and getting harder with new regulations. We have developed a one-of-a-kind reporting tool that keeps track of your vendors. Our search engine finds and then reports on your vendor's public privacy and security practices. Most companies use 80+ vendors but only consider 2-5 as high risk. With our vendor management tool, you can track all of them and categorize them according to risk. Still unsure? Contact us for 1 free vendor report.

Question 2

I get security questionnaires for my free trials. Do you offer any special discounts since I don't want to pay for something if the prospect never turns into a paying customer?

We understand your situation! At one point, we offered a free trial too. We removed that pricing and instead offer an a-la-carte pricing if you earn less than $2M in annual revenue. However, we understand that you may be losing customers because you don't want to spend a lot of time on a lengthy questionnaire when there is no guarantee. If you find yourself in this situation, please contact us. We have been in this business for years and have several possible solutions that will work for you without costing you a lot of money or time.

Question 3

Can I just buy the browser extension?

Unfortunately, you cannot at this time because the browser extension requires that you upload at least one completed assessment.

Question 4

Do you offer some kind of support?

Of course! We are constantly updating our tutorials and documentation but we know you might need more, so we also offer customer support, so long as you are on a subscription.

Question 5

Which plan is best for me?

If you have a high volume of questionnaires and you use a lot of vendors, then our subscriptions plans are best.