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Billed Yearly:

up to 5 security questionnaires/ month
A.I. powered pre-populate
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unlimited users
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up to 1000 rows of storage
Implementation Support
Customizable policies
Dedicated Account Manager

The ClearOPS Platform

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Everything in the other plans PLUS:

up to 40 security questionnaires/ month
up to 1000 vendors under management
customizable policies
Browser extension for QaaS
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Full-service implementation
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Dedicated Account Manager
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"Our security engineer went from spending 80% of his time to less than 40% of his time on them, and this number keeps shrinking as the ClearOPS platform becomes more intelligent and efficient."

Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel
A global education technology company serving more than 1700 institutions
Question 1

What is vendor monitoring?

If your business responds to security questionnaires, then you have seen the question about what you do to manage your own vendors. If you do not receive security questionnaires, but you are familiar with GDPR, CPRA or many other regulations world-wide, then you know you are required to have vendor management processes. Finally, if you seek a security audit, like SOC2, then you are required to have vendor management. We made it ridiculously easy for you. As long as you can send us the domain name of a vendor (and we guarantee we can find 5 of your vendors for you), we automatically track and monitor them, providing you with weekly reports. It is the type of vendor monitoring that you can set up in less than 1 minute because we take care of all the hard, labor-intensive work.

Question 2

How long does it take to get to work?

If you have one completed questionnaire, then it can take as little as 5 minutes to set up and pre-populate. Really.

Question 3

I hate these security questionnaires. Can you just take care of them for me?

We want to help the SMB, which means you may not be able to afford or want to hire in-house expertise. That is why we have put together an expert team of account managers who can handle all your security or privacy needs, end to end.

Question 4

Do you also help buyers sending out questionnaires to their vendors?

No, we don't. We are really focused on helping vendors respond to security due diligence.

Question 5

How does the pre-populate work?

We spent a year working on deep learning models and NLP to build our pre-populate function. Unlike others on the market, our models were built and refined with our founding team, who are experts in privacy and security. We are very proud of the accuracy of our models and we would love to show it to you. Please schedule a demo!