ClearOPS focuses on serving vCISOs and their clients who seek a low cost, high quality automated solution to their challenges.
All contracts are monthly.

Features comparison
GRC Tools
Customizable Gap Analysis
Client Posture Management
Security Questionnaire
Vendor Monitoring with weekly reporting
Extra Services Features
MFA for logins
Implementation support
Unlimited client users
Ongoing Support
1 Expert
No extra users
1 domain monitored
1 security ques
Up to 10 monitored domains
Always On
starts at $500
Less than 5 experts
$245 per month
5 domains monitored
Up to 3 security ques
Up to 50 monitored domains
Always On
1 knowledge base build
Unlimited client seats
Call Us
Custom amount
Custom amount
Custom # of domains
Always On
Unlimited client seats

Frequently asked questions

ClearOPS software is for vCISOs looking to scale and grow their businesses. Our pricing reflects our support for SMBs and startups.

How does ClearOPS pricing work?

You asked, we listened. vCISOs want affordable software for their clients. For vCISO accounts, the pricing is per vCISO and vCISO firm employees. Your clients may have as many seats as you like for as long as you remain in control of the account.

What is your refund policy?

ClearOPS is a SaaS product offering month to month subscriptions. Our flexible subscription term allows you to cancel upon notice, so we do not offer refunds.

Do you have any integrations?

ClearOPS uses A.I. technology called natural language processing. We have just recently integrated generative A.I. into our platform using the toolset offered by OpenAI. Check back frequently as we continue to innovate in the risk assessment space.

Is your pricing annual or monthly?

Pricing shown is monthly. We offer monthly or annual contracts. If you choose an annual contract, please note that there are significant discounts available to you when you pay upfront. For multi-year contracts, email

Do you serve SMB or startups?

We are happy to directly sell our software to the SMB and startups who need help with building security programs. Contact for pricing.

Do you have vCISO recommendations?

ClearOPS works with a number of vCISOs and we are happy to help you find your ideal vCISO. We also showcase vCISOs on our podcast called The vCISO Chronicles and we encourage you to check it out to find your ideal vCISO. Each episode is 20 minutes.