Our pricing is your CAC

We get it. You need to keep your customer acquisition cost low. That's why every pricing package is different. We need more information from you before we can tell you the price.

Monthly Pricing


Package includes:

5 security questionnaires per month
up to 500 service providers per month
a checkmark
Customized written information security policy template
a checkmark
Pre-populate functionality
Implementation expert
importing or exporting
Professional Advice

Annual Pricing


Package includes:

20 security questionnaires per year
up to 50 service providers per month
ClearOPS written information security policy template
Pre-populate functionality
Implementation expert
Importing or exporting
Professional Advice
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Our features

"Our security engineer went from spending 80% of his time to less than 40% of his time on them, and this number keeps shrinking as the ClearOPS platform becomes more intelligent and efficient."

Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel
A global education technology company serving more than 1700 institutions
Question 1

Why don't you show your pricing?

Some vendors sell a high-volume product at a low cost. Unfortunately, that means they would rather lose the prospect than spend 20 hours on a questionnaire. We don't want anyone losing business over questionnaires. That means every vendor is different and so we structure our pricing to your needs.

Question 2

How long does it take to get to work?

If you have one completed questionnaire, then it can take as little as 5 minutes to set up and pre-populate. Really.

Question 3

I hate these security questionnaires. Can you just take care of them for me?

Absolutely! We also have a broad network of privacy and security partners who can help you with using our system, or providing you with all sorts of part-time security services.

Question 4

Do you also help buyers sending out questionnaires to their vendors?

No, we don't. We are really focused on helping vendors respond to security due diligence.

Question 5

How does the pre-populate work?

We spent a year working on deep learning models and NLP to build our pre-populate function. We are very proud of what we accomplished and we would love to show it to you. Please schedule a demo!