We have moved to tokens! Tokens are usage-based pricing. Everyone starts at $500 per month unless specifically negotiated otherwise at the Enterprise level.

Token Pricing
What Technology is Offered
Libraries, Public & Private
OSINT for Domains and Subdomains
Generate Answers, DDQs & PIAs
Vendor Management

How Humans Help
Implementation support
vCISO matching & marketplace
Ongoing Support
100,000 Tokens
Base pricing
Document Gen AI
Domain Name OSINT
RAG Assessment Response
Under 100 Vendors
Your Program Chatbot
Populate the Libraries
Personal Tutorials
Access to marketplace
Semi-Dedicated Support
Call Us
1,000,000+ Tokens
Annual pricing available
Document Gen AI
Domain Name OSINT
RAG Assessment Response
Over 100 Vendors
Your Program Chatbot
Populate the Libraries
Custom Tutorial
vCISO Match
Dedicated Support

Frequently asked questions

ClearOPS is a full-suite of tools for security experts, privacy experts and in-house teams.

How do tokens work?

Tokens is pricing based on your usage. We calculate tokens based on storage plus the number of times you ask questions. To make sure you are never surprised, we send you monthly usage numbers on your invoices so you can track your token spend.

What is your refund policy?

ClearOPS is a SaaS product offering month to month subscriptions. Our flexible subscription term allows you to cancel each month upon notice, so we do not offer refunds.

What third parties do you use to offer the technology?

ClearOPS integrates with OpenAI and relies on AWS for hosting. We are a security and privacy first organization and are happy to show you any and all the processes and controls we have in place to protect confidential information.  

Is your pricing annual or monthly?

Pricing shown is monthly. If you prefer to lock in your pricing, please contact us for an annual contract at email:

I am worried about Gen AI and security. How do you keep my data safe?

ClearOPS is a privacy and security by design company. It's our core mission. We do not train or re-train on your data and we take precautions to secure all data stored in our systems or with our third parties. Plus, we are always happy to complete your security questionnaire!

Do you offer connections to vCISOs or fractional CISOs

Yes, ClearOPS works with a number of security experts and we are happy to help you find your ideal consultant. We also showcase vCISOs on our podcast called The vCISO Chronicles on Substack and we encourage you to check it out to find your ideal vCISO.