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Frequently asked questions

You asked, we answered.

Is your pricing monthly or annual?

Our basic tier pricing is shown as monthly, but we offer an annual plan as well at a discount for payment upfront. If you choose monthly, you can cancel at any time with the cancellation effective at the end of that month.

I'm ready to scale, but prefer to be tech agnostic?

We have heard this objection many times: You don't want to push a certain technology on your clients. The good news is that you do not have to have your clients use our software. While it may make your life a little easier to collaborate with your clients through the software, you are also able to enjoy all the other benefits of it without giving them a login, which is completely within your control.

How does pricing work if I want to invite my clients into the platform?

We don't charge you for your clients. We charge per vCISO administering the client account and the number of client accounts you create. We heard from the vCISO community that it was really important to you that we do not charge for your client users and we listened.

Do you take feedback from vCISOs?

Absolutely and, in fact, we encourage it. Our intention is to build the most useful, daily active software for vCISOs on the market.

I see you host a podcast, can I be on the show?

Yes you can! The vCISO Chronicles features security and privacy experts who are currently consulting for companies. The show recording takes only 30 minutes in total and we would love to feature you!

Do you sell to companies who don't work with a vCISO?

All the time! Our security questionnaire response AI engine is very popular with businesses of all kinds, including startups. The best part about working with ClearOPS is that, if you ever need a vCISO, we know a few and can give you recommendations. Or you can check out The vCISO Chronicles podcast. It's like interviewing a vCISO without having to schedule the meeting.