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Frequently asked questions

You asked, we answered.

Is your pricing monthly or annual?

ClearOPS charges based on usage which is monitored using tokens. We charge for both storage and questions and answers generated by the system. For this reason, fees are charged monthly and subject to increase based on your increased usage. We do have annual locked in token tiers for Enterprise. Please inquire at

I love the efficiency of AI, but I am worried about confidentiality?

At first, we were too but then we changed our minds because OpenAI changed their terms for their API users to state that they do not train on your data. Since we are not using your data as training data, or to fine-tune our own models either, our customers feel confident about our platform. If we ever go the route of training or fine tuning, we will seek your consent first. Seeking your permission is part of our mission to be a privacy and security by design company.

I'm a vCISO and several of my clients would like me to use your platform. Do you have any special pricing plans for me?

Yes we do! We love what vCISOs do and we have a Partner Program specifically for you and your clients. Please inquire at for more information.

I think all this AI talk is hype, why should I trust ClearOPS?

We have been in business since 2017. We initially built our platform using our own machine learning techniques. We also tested GPTs and other LLMs along the way and rejected them due to responses being made up.But we knew the potential and so we kept testing over the years. Once OpenAI released some additional APIs and GPT 3.5, we knew that the technology had finally caught up to our customers' number one pain point. All those questions, asked slightly differently, but requiring the same information with some confidence it is returning your information accurately. That is why we rely on RAG. It isn't perfect, but we have seen a dramatic leap forward in accuracy, efficiency and utilization.

I see you host a podcast, can I be on the show?

Yes you can! The vCISO Chronicles features security and privacy experts who are currently consulting for companies. The show recording takes only 30 minutes in total and we would love to feature you!

Do you support more than security questionnaires?

Yes, we recently released support for Responsible AI assessments as well! Basically, if you are being assessed or you need to asses, we are your platform.