Caroline McCaffery

About Caroline McCaffery

In 2012, I met my first security questionnaire. I also became a certified privacy professional. For the decade+ before that, I was a corporate/ securities attorney representing technology startups in their incorporations, financings and mergers & acquisitions. When I added the hat of commercial contracts, I knew that the company where I worked, which was a big data company, needed me to become an expert in privacy. So I did. Following closely on the heels of that education, I began to immerse myself in cybersecurity. However, as painful as security questionnaires were back then, they were not common. It was not until I became the GC and VP of Business Affairs at Clarifai that the concept for ClearOPS became fully formed. I learned about different AI techniques, specifically NLP. I knew back in 2015-2016 that NLP would be a game-changer for the legal industry.

ClearOPS has been a focus of mine for nearly a decade now and I embrace the future where we can eliminate security questionnaires and due diligence questionnaires. I think I bring a unique talent to ClearOPS because of my extensive legal background and experience. I believe that technology is meant to bring us efficiency and more time, not create more work. I bring that philosophy to our product and I really want to blow people's minds.