Caroline McCaffery

About Caroline McCaffery

"I consider myself an advocate for human rights with a passion for every person's right to privacy, but I also hate inefficiency. As someone who likes to roll up my sleeves and get things done, I wanted to start a company after seeing all the ways not to start a company."

Caroline is a seasoned attorney who started her career as a corporate/ securities attorney at Gunderson Dettmer LLP representing startups and engaging in some of the most complex capitalization transactions. After her time at the law firm, she moved in-house to be the first General Counsel at Sailthru. While at Sailthru, Caroline expanded her practice to include data privacy and cybersecurity and received her CIPP certification as a privacy professional. At her next gig, Clarifai, Caroline dove into A.I. technology and committed her time to building an ethics program for A.I. companies. The only reason she left that job was to start ClearOPS because she personally felt the pain over the lack of communication between legal, privacy and security teams and the need for a common knowledge base to better serve her employers.