George R

About George R.

By craft a Unix systems administrator, George Rosamond gravitated towards privacy technologies in the mid-2000's (decade) before it emerged as a distinct field when he began running a Tor relay in 2006. His experience ranges from building out infrastructures and colocation to software development, and thrives on trainings for vulnerable less-technical audiences. He is a long-time contributor to the open-source BSD Unix community on various levels, and is on the core of Tor Project. He was central to launching the NYC *BSD User Group in 2003 and the BSD Certification project. He has worked on a number of grant-funded privacy enhancing technology grants in the past.

George is a founder and CTO of ClearOPS, Inc, which he co-founded with privacy attorney Caroline McCaffery in 2017. For George, ClearOPS is an opportunity to apply his array of skills and experiences to concrete problems facing organizations today.